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USUAL is here to help you solve many of your gardening, lawn, plant, and animal feed problems. We are the only soil testing lab in Utah open to the general public. We work closely with your County Extension Agent to best serve you.  more >>


USUAL is here to help you solve your plant and animal problems with modern facilities and equipment. Our modest fees place the right answers within reach.


Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) may answer many of your questions. The answers cover what we do, how to sample, how much sample we need, etc. If not, feel free to contact us or your County Agent.



USUAL is located in the Skaggs Laboratory at 1541 N on 800 E in North Logan:

Please mail samples to:

9400 Old Main Hill
Logan UT 84322

Feel free to drop samples off in person at:

1541 N 800 E in North Logan.

01 Feb. 2017

Please Note: USUAL has implemented a price change. Please find new pricing
schedule using the link to the left or at: Prices.

Submission forms have also been updated and new forms are also found using the link to the left
or at: Forms.


Please call with any questions.


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