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Home Soil Test

Home Soil Test

Why get your home soil tested? 

  1. Helps you grow healthier, more productive soils:  Routine soil testing identifies what nutrients are needed or not needed in the soil. Soil pH, salinity levels, and soil texture are also analyzed. If plant nutrients are found to be deficient, the soil test will indicate amounts needed for optimum growth.
  1. Responsibly protects the environment:  Soil testing also reveals what nutrients are present in excess amounts that should NOT be added. Applying nutrients needlessly results in soil chemical imbalance and plant problems. Excessively applied nutrients contaminate water, adversely affecting public health and the environment.
  1. Saves you money: You make better decisions and save money when you do not apply nutrients that are not needed. Wisely, you only apply what the soil needs.

Suggested Home Soil Tests

Routine Test   $30

Basic measurements for the vast majority of home gardening needs

Provides Phosphorus (P205) and Potassium (K2O) fertilizer recommendations

Provides Nitrogen (N) fertilizer recommendations tailored to plants the client indicates are to be grown (please provide this information on the submission form)

Provides soil salinity and pH levels useful in choosing appropriate plants for these important conditions in arid/semi-arid Western US environments

Provides a soil texture classification used to determine water holding capacity and irrigation regiment

Micro Plus Test  * $45

Starts out with all the features of the Routine Test

Includes key micronutrient levels that are often deficient in arid/semi-arid Western US soil conditions (Iron, Zinc, Copper and Manganese)

Provides recommendations for deficient nutrients tailored to the plants the client indicates are to be grown (please provide this information on the submission form)

* Choose this test if micronutrient deficiency symptoms are seen or suspected the previous season. Micronutrient fertilizer applications are most effective in the early spring--much less effective mid-season.


How to collect your sample

Get The Sample

For standard topsoil, dig 6 to 12 inches deep. For turf samples, dig 6 inches deep. Samples need to be taken in several places.

Get Sample

Mix It

Mix soil samples in a clean bucket or container. If chunks remain in your sample, don't hesitate to break them apart.

Mixing Dirt

Keep Two Cups

Place two cups of soil into a quart-sized, heavy-duty resealable plastic bag in a small USPS mailing box. Include a completed order form.

Keep Two Cups


Payment - Be sure to include a completed form and payment with the delivery 

USUAL accepts checks, money orders, VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER. We will accept PO#'s from some businesses and government institutions. Payment is expected at sample submission. Failure to provide payment at sample submission will result in delay in sample processing.

Option 1: Parcel Delivery

You can send in your sample via the US Mail, UPS, FedEX, etc., send samples to:

USU Analytical Labs
9400 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-9400

Send Sample In

Option 2: In Person

You can hand deliver your sample to the lab.
We are located at: 1541 N 800 E in North Logan.  Be sure to include a completed form and payment with the delivery.

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 Download Home Soil Test Form